Exfoliating Natural Loofah
Exfoliating Natural Loofah

Exfoliating Natural Loofah

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If you want to enjoy smoother, silky, younger looking skin, but are worried about using harsh chemicals and micro beads which can harm the environment then our natural loofah is the perfect exfoliating tool for you.


FEEL GOOD Our natural loofah is made from 100% natural plant material and has many health benefits: Deep Cleaning; Exfoliation; and Massage;

DOUBLE SIDED  Offering a textured surface of 100% natural loofah on one side that deeply exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells, and on the other side a soft, smooth microfibre terry cloth surface for delicate skin cleaning and for neck and shoulder massage;

DE-TOXING and regeneration. The loofah stimulates blood circulation and cell renewal which can result in healthier, younger looking skin. It also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system to drain cellular waste and toxins safely away, and can reduce the appearance of cellulite and puffiness;

MASSAGE Invigorate tired muscles and improve wellbeing. The soft side is great for massaging shoulders and the neck area, and the rough side is wonderful for stimulating circulation and removing toxins;

EFFECTIVE EXFOLIATION Removes dead surface skin allowing the active skin care ingredients in your favourite moisturiser to penetrate the skin, leaving you with smoother, silky, hydrated and younger looking skin;

DEEP CLEANING from head to toe. Fights against dry skin, rashes and other skin problems by unblocking pores and removing impurities for fresher, clearer skin.

EASY TO USE the convenient handle on each end of the loofah makes it easy to exfoliate, clean, and massage hard to reach areas such as the back and reduces the need to bend as you wash. After use, rinse your loofah thoroughly and hang to dry in a ventilated room;

HEALTH NATURALLY...Our natural loofah is part of the Antonia York ‘Health...Naturally’ range of spa products; offering you environmentally sustainable products you can feel good about. Please visit our Amazon store to see our complete range of products.

Dimensions of your loofah:

Width 3” (8cm) x Length 31” (80cm)

How to use:

You can use your natural loofah both in the bath or shower.

  1. Wet the loofah so that the fibres expand and soften slightly;
  2. Use your favourite cleansing product for a luxurious bathing experience;
  3. Rinse your loofah well and allow to dry naturally using one of the handles.

What is loofah?

Loofah (or luffa) is a climbing vine related to the gourd family which bears fruit in the summer. Immature luffa gourds can be eaten raw, or cooked like summer squash. The Luffa gourds can grow 1-2 feet long and when allowed to fully ripen, the flesh becomes quite fibrous and they can be used as a sponge. The fully-grown loofah is harvested and left in the sun to dry until only the hard skeleton remains. Loofah is one of nature’s best exfoliators.

How to care for your loofah:

Your new loofah is naturally hygienic however, after use we recommend that you rinse your loofah thoroughly and hang to dry in a ventilated room to lower the risk of bacteria forming on the loofah.