Presenting Ophelia | London Fashion Week | 18th February

Collection drop Wednesday 22nd of February!

New Limited Edition Arrivals

handmade in England

Ready to Wear and Limited Edition


This is our main collection of staple garments designed to be comfortable and versatile. The fabrics might change but the styles will be the same. You can depend on these being available when you need them.

Each combination of style and fabric will typically be made in small batches of only a few hundred peices, preserving their uniqueness.

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Limited Edition

These statement pieces are extremely limited, often one-of-a-kind. You can be sure no one else will have your look. All developed in-studio, from design to production, by myself with the support of my small team.

New pieces will be released throughout the year so keep an eye out for my limited edition announcements in these emails and on social media.

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Chelsea & Siobhan

We have a saying...

It doesn’t matter that your dress is made from organic cotton if you wear it once and throw it away.

The most sustainable clothes are the ones you really wear - and so our first principle is to create high-quality garments that look great and can be worn in many different situations dressed up or down.

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Talia | Linen Scarves

Our open weave 100% linen scarves come with either feathered or tasselled ends and are dyed in a range of colours.

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